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I'm glad your here!  In my journey, I have had others who have poured into me, corrected me, believed in me, said difficult things to me, and created a safe place to grow in God.  My passion is to create a space to grow.  I do this through listening, discerning, speaking, and helping you draw nearer to your true self and to the Almighty, who is everpresent. 

I truly believe in the possibility and power of what can be done in focused, purposeful work with the soul.  Having another completely focused on what one is experiencing and what God is saying is a true gift.  I have experienced this gift of mentors and counselors pouring into my life.  I feel blessed to be one who can be present and focused on others, and I consider it sacred time. 

In this website, you can find information on counseling, groups, resources (coming soon), and about my work with the 7th year. 

If you feel that now is a time for you to focus on aspects of your life that may need some work, I would love to talk to you.

You may have questions. I would love to speak with you.